Jen's Mom Moment: Nature vs. nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture.

It's an old debate.

Are kids the way they are because of how they are raised, or are they who they are already when they are born?

I have always believed it's nature. We are who we are. Yes there are influences in our lives that help us develop and choose different paths… but when it comes down to it, our personalities are developed in the womb.

Well…my opinion may be changing!

Take my two girls for instance. My oldest is spicy! She is strong minded and sassy at times. She knows what she wants and she is smart…too smart. She tests me. Yes, as a parent it's difficult, but all of these are traits I hope she never loses because they will benefit her greatly as a teenager and as an adult. I have always believed she favors my husband more personality-wise, a personality she was born with.

And then there is my youngest. For the first two years of life she was so quiet. A total observer. She would look around and take everything in. So sweet.  Always wanting to be held and give hugs.

Well… my 2 year-old is now 2 ½… and my previous descriptions no longer apply!

Of course she is still sweet and loving (when she wants to be) but, boy, has she been surprising me lately and making me rethink nature vs. nurture!

Take the other day for instance. It was just the two of us. I was enjoying the one-on-one time with her that I rarely get. We were driving and she got upset about something, (I honestly don't remember what) and she spit! Well, spitting is a huge no-no in our house! So I turned off The Little Mermaid D-V-D that was on in the van.

Here's where she started to cry and I calmly explained that we don't spit and "No, Ariel was not going back on."

Suddenly, I felt something hit me in the head. (I'm laughing now as I'm writing this but it really wasn't funny) I looked down and saw a little pink Croc. She had thrown her shoe at my head from her car seat!!! In total disbelief I turned around and said, "Did you just throw your shoe at me?" And she took the other one off and chucked it!

So much for that sweet angel I thought I was getting in round two!

If both of my girls are a little saucy… and now I'm leaning towards their nurturing being the reason… what exactly does that say about my parenting skills?



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