Jen's Mom Moment: No answers

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The moment I have dreaded.

When I got home last night I wasn't feeling so great. My daughter asked me what was wrong and I told her I had a "tummy ache."  She then said, "I hate tummy aches." As soon as she said it her eyes got really wide and she said "I shouldn't say ‘hate,' that's a strong word."

I agreed with her that that's not a word she should use. And yes ‘hate ‘ is a strong word.

She then laid down next to me and held her tummy and said "Oh, I'm dying." This time my eyes got really wide. I told her we shouldn't play around like that and she asked "is dying a strong word too?"

I replied, "kind of" and then I asked if she knew what ‘dying' meant. (I am constantly reminding her she shouldn't use words unless she knows the meaning, and it's good to ask the meanings of all words.) She shook her head indicating she did not know the meaning of the word. Obviously, it's just one that she's heard on TV.

So I told her dying is when someone or something goes to sleep and never wakes up and then goes to heaven. (that's all I could come up with on such short notice). She then told me "Mommy, you are never going to die."

I was speechless. How could I correct my 4-year-old. I'm not ready to go there. So I stayed quiet. I just smiled. She then said "And neither am I because then I'd be really mad!"

I love their innocence.

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