Jen's Mom Moment: Safety in numbers

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I don't know how it is for everyone… but each morning as I walk back to my van in the pre-school parking lot, I grin.

Not because I'm laughing at anyone… but I'm laughing at all of us.  

We are all in the same boat!

Looking at all the different spaces I would say its 90-percent filled with Minivans and S-U-V's. Most moms (and lots of dads) making sure they're looking around, left to right, until their kids are safely on the sidewalk. 

We let the gate close after each family goes thru because if the kids don't get the opportunity to use the fogger themselves, all hell will break loose.

And you can always tell what kind of day everyone's having instantly… there's the mom holding her toddler's hand while pushing a screaming infant in a stroller. There's the mom (me on Tuesday morning) tying her kid's shoes and putting her kid's hair up in a messy pony tail in the parking lot because there was no time to do it at home.

The best part is no one judges.

My daughter loves picking out her own outfits and most days wants to wear headbands (or crocs as seen on a non-school day above) that don't match… and nobody seems to notice except for me, of course. I often apologize for her mix-matched outfits to her teacher even though I know she understands. It always makes me feel better when I see another kid in a similar outfit… the reminder I needed that I'm not alone.

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