Jen's Mom Moment: The magic of mom

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My 4-year-old got in trouble yesterday at school. I will spare you the details.

As her punishment she lost her "iPad Time." She is obsessed with the app where you can dress all of the princesses. So, trust me when I say it was a good punishment to get the message across.

This morning she asked about the iPad and I told her if she had a great morning and a good day at school she would get a little time today. 

That didn't happen! 

Halfway through breakfast there was a bit of a sassy moment. And since it worked so well, I reminded her that she just lost her iPad time again today. 

When she got home from school this afternoon she asked her babysitter for the iPad. 

4-year-old daughter: "Can I play with Daddy's iPad today since I got a good report at school." 

Babysitter: "No, you disrespected Mommy this morning." 

4-year-old daughter: "How did you know that?" 

(I was told she asked this in total disbelief! With a look on her face like me and the babysitter must have some superhuman powers. Like we know everything that goes on all of the time!)

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