Jen's mom moment: Use your imagination

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I always heard that kids have imaginary friends… but I was never told that they would want to become an imaginary person.

Let me explain. All of the sudden my daughter, whose name I love and picked out way before I ever had a child, only wants me to call her "Alana."

Alana? Really? She heard it one time on a Dora the Explorer movie special and that was it! The past two days she has literally tuned me out unless I call her by this made up name.

It was cute for about two seconds and now it's just annoying!  If I don't say "Alana, breakfast is ready," she doesn't come to the table.

Last night I took a friend's advice and told her that she had to leave. She looked at me like I was the crazy one. And I told her nobody named Alana lives at our house and it's bed time so she needed to leave.

She leaned in and looked at me all serious and said, "Mommy, I'm just pretending."

Whew…I thought the game was over.

Until I called her to get ready for bed and once again she didn't respond until I asked "Alana" to come put on her PJ's.

Ugh… when does this phase end?

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