Looking for a romantic date for Valentine’s Day? Waffle House now accepting reservations

This firms up your dinner plans!

Waffle House
Waffle House (2018 Getty Images)

Romance is best served with hash browns.

At least, that’s what Waffle House’s Instagram page said earlier this month, in a post announcing the restaurant’s decision to offer dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day.

Waffle House’s promotion is called “Love at First Bite” and you can find more details on the chain’s website.

If you scan a list of all the participating locations, you’ll see 22 states have restaurants that are taking part in the fun.

Here’s that full list.

It seems this is now becoming a tradition. Southern Living reported that Waffle House started rolling out the red carpet -- not literally, unless that’s in the works for 2021? 😉 -- beginning in 2008, at a location in John’s Creek, Georgia.

“An influx of customers dined at this restaurant every Valentine’s Day, so the manager decided to make the experience extra special,” the publication reported.

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