Florida mom’s Disney-inspired sidewalk art will make you smile, guaranteed

Rapunzel could *probably* teach us a thing or 2 about social distancing, you know?

Sleeping Beauty's pretty sassy these days, hey?
Sleeping Beauty's pretty sassy these days, hey? (caseydrakemakes/Instagram)

Casey Drake isn’t the only one who’s been creating some sidewalk chalk masterpieces in these strange times of quarantine.

But her work is pretty impressive, to say the least.

It’s gorgeous -- and hilarious, too.

Drake, a mother of two who lives in Winter Park, Florida, said she was sitting outside with her daughter recently and she was inspired to draw Olaf, everyone’s favorite snowman from “Frozen,” for her -- and the project kind of spiraled (in the best way possible) from there.

“So many neighbors loved it that I kept doing new ones every day,” Drake said.

The longtime high school biology teacher added that she’s always drawn and painted, just as hobbies.

Here are some of our favorite sidewalk chalk creations that we found on Drake’s Instagram.

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