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5 virtual ideas to make Mother’s Day memorable

You might not be able to go out like in past years, but it can still be a great day for mom

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Maybe the biggest difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is the element of getting out of the house.

For Mother’s Day, the reservation books at restaurants and country clubs are typically filled throughout the day as people rightfully try to pamper their wives and mothers by taking them out to eat.

That’s not always the case for Father’s Day, as men might prefer to head to a golf course or relax around the house.

So, with the COVID-19 pandemic, what do people do for Mother’s Day now that a big component of the day, going out to a restaurant, is not as much of an option?

Yes, some states have reopened restaurants -- or they’re about to, but people still might be hesitant to go out and be around a lot of people as the pandemic continues to unfold.

However, not to worry!

This Mother’s Day can give people the option of being more creative and exploring virtual options, making the day just as special.

Here are five virtual ideas to consider this Mother’s Day that can be done with a mom in the house, or with a mother or grandmother living far away.

1). Virtual picnic dinner

If the weather is nice enough, take advantage of the fact that restaurants are still offering carryout, and create your own buffet spread outside. If the weather isn’t so nice, then have your little picnic on the dining room table and pretend like you’re at a restaurant as usual. If there is a mother or grandmother far away, order them food and have them join in on the fun via a Zoom call.

2). Virtual happy hour

This is pretty much the same concept as the dinner mentioned above, but with your favorite beverages. Just be careful with adult ones around kids, if that’s your choice. Or better yet, just wait until the little ones are in bed and incorporate friends into the Zoom call, as well.

3). Virtual home movie party

Most theaters might be shut down or restricted, but if your mom or wife loves to watch movies on Mother’s Day, then creating your own home theater experience can be even better. You can control how many movies you watch and what you want to watch, thanks to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, or even, gasp, regular cable channels!

4). Virtual tour of museum, zoo, theme park

Just because you can’t visit these places in person doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re there. Heck, this can even be something new on Mother’s Day, since places such as museums or zoos likely wouldn’t be offering virtual tours if not for the pandemic.

5). Virtual classes

Whether it’s cooking, dancing, sewing, exercise or other types of classes, this is another option to bond with mom and create special memories throughout the day. Take a class together!

Do you have any other good virtual ideas for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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