Our favorite Disney characters in COVID situations are so relatable

Princess Jasmine Zoom call -- audio only versus video call. (@aldoarts, @aldoarts)

Disney movies almost always have a perfect ending. It’s one of the reasons we love them. But life isn’t perfect, as we’ve clearly seen lately, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

One artist has put some of our favorite characters in situations in which they’re dealing with COVID-19, and it’s kind of refreshing — and sometimes funny — to see them tackling real-life situations.

AL, who has more than 33,000 followers on her Instagram account, @aldoarts, has created pandemic-themed situations through memes and funny scenarios.

Like Princess Jasmine, who, let’s be honest, is representing all of us in this meme.

Looks like Belle has jokes. 😂We appreciate that she’s still keeping herself safe, though.

We’ll let Ariel say it.

The latest generation of bad pickup lines.

Anddd we continue to make plans we may or may not get to follow through with.

And then when you do get out of the house ...

Back in our audio-only attire to veg out ... again. #feelingseen

Who hasn’t wanted to chunk even our favorite of people out of the house at some point during quarantine?

Can you relate to any of @aldoarts artwork? The lightheartedness and realness is something we can appreciate.

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