My pandemic pregnancy: ‘Sure enough, I have (a brain aneurysm)’

Baby Hughston
Baby Hughston (Provided by Julianne C.)

Author’s note: This is not MY personal story, per se, (despite the “my pandemic pregnancy” headline), but a story told by our readers, week by week. Today’s is shared by Julianne.

You might have heard that being pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or delivering right about now is strange, in this age of coronavirus. But how? In what ways? We’re going to tell you. To contribute your own experience, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this article and tap the link.

In an effort to be proactive about her health, last summer, Julianne C. scheduled a test. She had no idea where it would lead: Namely, to two life-changing discoveries.

It all started with the (not-so-pleasant) idea of a brain aneurysm. Julianne hoped she didn’t have one, but she was well-aware that they run in her family, so at some point, she thought it’d be best to check on the situation.

She scheduled a routine scan -- just to be smart; just so she’d know.

And then she got her answer.

“Sure enough, I have one,” Julianne said.

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