This fireworks display to ring in 2022 was simply jaw-dropping

Stock image. Anna-Louise (Pexels)

There wasn’t a public gathering for an annual fireworks display in Tokyo to celebrate New Year’s Day, but there were still plenty of “ooohs” and “ahhhs.”

Those sounds didn’t come from people watching in person, but instead, many around the world were awestruck by the display shown on TV or YouTube, with an array of shapes, colors and themes to ring in 2022.

The view can be displayed below.

The event took place at its normal location, Shibuya Crossing, which is essentially Tokyo’s version of Times Square in New York City.

One of the busiest crossings in the world, it is usually filled with pedestrians and cars in every direction, and has three enormous TV screens and large advertisements mounted onto buildings.

It also is filled with lights, but all of that seemed to be dwarfed by the fireworks display to celebrate 2022.

The ongoing pandemic canceled the public gathering, but people on nearby streets still managed to witness the spectacle.

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