We want to see your kids’ Valentine’s Day artwork!

Some of my daughter's artwork. And yes, if you look closely, some of that IS in German, lol. (Michelle Ganley/GMG photo)

There is nothing cuter than little-kid artwork, is there?

OK OK, puppies most certainly contend, and so do baby giggles. But really, children’s drawings and other forms of “kid art” rank pretty high -- at least on my list (can you tell I’m a biased mom?).

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it might be fun to have your kids draw something to mark the holiday. Or show us their Valentine’s card “mailboxes”!

If you’re up for it, you could also oversee as they paint, stamp or create something with tiny pieces of paper ... my kids can’t be the ONLY ones currently working on their cutting skills, can they? (We’re all very proud of the fine-motor skills involved, but sheesh, does that make a lot of mess).

Rather than include a print-out or a worksheet below, I’d recommend just asking your child to create something, and see what he or she comes up with.

If you check out the photo above, those fine pieces of art are from my daughter, who’s 6, and yes, bonus points if you spotted the “ich liebe” reference -- we do immersion school, so it’s only natural that our valentines are in German.

OK, I went first. Is your family up next? I’d LOVE to see your submissions below -- and highlight some of my favorite responses in the next week or so.

Your turn!