South Florida animal rescue group moves into new facility thanks to generous donations

Saving Sage Animal Rescue prides itself on being no-kill shelter, taking in animals that may be hard to home

SUNRISE, Fla. – There are animal rescue groups everywhere you look across South Florida, sometimes representing every breed!

But with all these non-profits clamoring for your support, not every non-profit can survive the dreaded donation drives.

But the Saving Sage Animal Rescue isn’t just surviving -- they are thriving, thanks to you!

Just like visiting your animal loving neighbor, when you walk into their building, you will be greeted with a welcome wagon of wanna-be pets.

Kathy Bieniek helps run Saving Sage Animal Rescue, but according to her, it’s the animals there that really run the show.

“It’s all for the animals,” she told Local 10 News. “I and my partner and all of our volunteers, this is 100 percent all volunteer-run.”

They have about 100 volunteers, which is massive for a local rescue group.

Saving Sage entered the fur baby-saving world in 2015 with a one-room facility in a grooming salon.

But it was just weeks ago that they opened their brick and mortar doors at a former office building in Sunrise, all thanks to a massive fundraising drive blasted on social media.

“Everything that we get in goes right back into the animals for the medical, for the facility, for everything that they need -- everything is for them, they’re our hearts,” Bieniek said.

Touching 10,000 animal lives through adoption, spay, neuter, vaccines and more, Saving Sage is most proud of their no-kill shelter status.

“We take the most difficult dogs, we take the dogs that nobody else probably would,” Bieniek said. “Some we can find a home for right away, some take a little more time than others, but we don’t give up on them.”

And in these trying times, Saving Sage is hoping you don’t give up on them either as they hope to improve their new facility and provide more low-cost support to South Florida pet owners.

“Even if it’s $5, $10, $100 -- whatever it is, it does make a difference. Every dollar counts,” Bieneik said.

You can find Saving Sage Animal Rescue on Instagram and Facebook, where you can join their following and help support their many fundraising drives for specific special need animals or overall growth at the new facility.

About the Author:

Jacey Birch anchors Local 10 News Mornings each weekday from 4:30 a.m. to 7 a.m. She is also proud to be the animal advocate for Local 10's investigative team.