Doberman Rescue League needs support in Broward

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – What comes in five different colors and can grow up to weigh as much as 90 pounds? The “dobies” at The Doberman Rescue League in Broward County.

The nonprofit organization’s haven is the home of four-year-old Jesse James and one-year-old Susie. It also used to be the home of Petunia and Pirate. Marcel Delorm, a volunteer, recently adopted them.

“About nine years ago, we adopted a dog from this rescue and he’s just our heart and soul,” Delorm said adding that when he is not caring for his three Dobermans, he is spending his weekends at the Pompano Beach pet lodge. “They are clingy; they’re all about you. Once they’re your best friend, they won’t leave your side, they’re there for you. They feel your feelings, they know everything about you and that’s amazing.”

Sometimes they are also wild, crazy, and funny like Rex, one of the “dobies” that are up for adoption. Ginny Wargo is the vice president of The Doberman Rescue League.

“Dobermans are needy. People don’t realize how needy they are, they want to be attached to you, they want to be next to you, they want to be clingy, they stay puppies for a very, very long time,” Wargo said, also describing them as “just big babies.”

Wargo said that once he got a Doberman about three decades ago, and had a great experience, he decided that he would never live with another breed again. His mission has been to save about 100 annually.

“They are great dogs, they really are,” Wargo said adding, “We have just been really busy though because we have had so many medical dogs coming in lately. The medical dogs have been insane and it’s unfortunate what the dogs go through.”

Wargo said 10-month-old Mahomes had to have one of his legs amputated, but he is resilient and was adopted.

“We try to screen people the best we can and make sure the dogs, since they have already been failed once if they’re with us, sometimes multiple times, so once they are with us we want to do everything we can to ensure they end up in the right homes,” Wargo said.

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