Miami sisters ready to ‘Toast-It’ by bringing Venezuelan roots to Shark Tank

MIAMI – Venezuelan sisters will be looking to make a deal with famous entrepreneurs on Shark Tank this Friday.

Before they swam with the sharks, both Mafe Cabezas and Coco Cabezas, who are sisters, moved from Miami to Venezuela.

While on their journey, both sisters found their passion after realizing something important was missing.

“We both started to miss our mom’s food so much,” said Coco Cabezas.

The sisters ended up missing their mother’s food so much that they created Toast-It, a frozen food brand to fill that void and their stomachs.

It all started with arepas, which is a type of food made of ground maize dough stuffed with a filling, and normally eaten in parts of Central and South America.

“Arepas are basically bread for South and Central Americans— especially Venezuelans and Colombians,” said Coco Cabeza. “They’re amazing because they are gluten-free and only have three ingredients.”

Coco Cabeza said she and many others love arepas because they’re not high on calories.

The sisters told Local 10 News that after making the arepas they started to expand into creating pandebonos, a Colombian bread made of cassava starch, cheese and eggs.

“We also launched our yuca arepas, which are our third version of arepas,” said Coco Cabeza. “They’re made with yuca root and cheese—they’re delicious.”

The products started flying off the shelves and Toast-It was filling up freezers at Publix, Walmart, Winn Dixie and Whole Foods.

What people love is how authentic the food tastes and how fast it can be made.

“We think that you can still try to have your amazing products every day without having to cool for an hour in the kitchen,” said Coco Cabeza.

All of the sisters’ success landed them a spot on Shark Tank.

“Honestly, we’re in disbelief,” said Coco Cabeza. “We didn’t truly believe it until we were pitching to the sharks.”

The sisters took their talents from Miami to Los Angeles and only had three weeks to prepare.

“We are just two girls from Venezuela,” said Coco Cabeza. “We came here with a dream and little by little with a lot of work, things start happening in your life that you can’t believe.”

The sisters continue to turn up the heat on their dreams and are inspiring others to do the same.

“Amazing things start to happen. Really trust your passions and work really hard because you’re going to be able to achieve what you’re looking for,” said Coco Cabeza.

But is it enough to get a deal? We will certainly find out soon.

Mafe Cabeza, who wasn’t able to make the interview with Local 10 News, was pregnant during their pitch with the sharks but will watch Friday’s episode with her baby girl.

Viewers can watch the women take on the sharks tonight right here on Local 10.

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