Love to wear sports jerseys? Share with us your favorites!

Friday is National Jersey Friday

A fan wears a soccer jersey autographed by soccer legend Pele, outside the Vila Belmiro stadium in Santos, Brazil. (AP Photo/Fabricio Costa) (Eraldo Peres, Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

It doesn’t the matter what sport it is, or even the level of competition.

The world loves to wear sports jerseys, as evidenced by Statista reporting that more than $65 billion in jerseys, sweatshirts and pullovers is expecting to be sold in 2023.

Given that, we want to see yours!

In the space below, share a photo of you or a loved one in a favorite sports jersey. It can be one from a professional team, a college squad, or high school team, or even a youth sports jersey.

You can also feel free to share any special stories behind why it’s your favorite jersey.

Don’t be shy! We want to see those stylish jerseys and hear any heartwarming stories.

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