Episode Three: Confessions of a killer

Ottis Toole enters the picture

Ottis Toole was identified by Hollywood police as Adam Walsh's killer.

"Police are taking more than 200 calls an hour on the Walsh case. One detective describes the barrage of phone calls here as a 'madhouse,'' reports Local 10 News 10's Steve Bousquet from outside the Hollywood Police Department on Thursday, Aug. 13, 1981.

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Bousquet continues: "At a Hollywood funeral home, people stopped by all afternoon to express sympathy to Adam Walsh's family. Many of those who come here are strangers, people who never knew young Adam Walsh. And, here, too, there are police detectives present to look for anything that might further their investigation as they try to find Adam Walsh's killer."

Flags at Hollywood city buildings are lowered to half-mast in Adam Walsh's memory and will stay that way until after the boy's funeral at St. Maurice's Catholic Church on Saturday, Aug. 15, 1981.

"A visual reminder that, in its own way, an entire community shares the terrible anguish the Walsh family is suffering," Bousquet reports.

Tracking Down Leads

In the aftermath of finding Adam's severed head in a canal near Florida's Turnpike two weeks after his disappearance on July 27, 1981, police question suspects -- even going back to some of the initial people they've already interviewed.