Pizza Dough


1 package dry yeast (2 ¼ teaspoon)

1½ cups warm water

1 tablespoon honey

4¼ cups AP flour

1 teaspoon salt

¼ cup olive oil

Flour for kneading


Combine the yeast, water honey together in a bowl and mix together; allow to sit for 10 minutes.  Place the flour and salt in a mixer’s bowl fitted with a dough hook attachment.  Add the yeast mixture and the oil alternating with the mixer on low speed until the dough comes together in a ball, knead in the mixer for 8 minutes.


Remove, dust your work surface with flour and knead the dough for 3-4 minutes.

Place in an oiled bowl, cover with plastic and let rise at room temperature until it doubles, a couple of hours.


Once the dough has risen, split it into thirds.  Roll out the dough with a little flour until it is about ¼-inch thin and forms a circle or an oval, it’s up to you.  Top as desired and grill or bake.