Costco testing 'Shake Shack' style burger at stores


LOS ANGELES – If you're hungering for one of America's most popular hamburgers next time you're shopping at Costco, you could be in luck.

The wholesale giant has added hamburgers that look and reportedly taste a whole lot like the burgers from Shake Shack to its in-store menus.

According to KABC, the burgers are made with an organic beef patty (like Shake Shack), served in a brioche bun (like Shake Shack), along with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and a "special sauce."

Food blog Eater LA also noticed the similarities, but added that Costco puts their lettuce and tomato on the bottom of their burger, while Shake Shack puts the condiments on top of the beef patty.

Costco representatives did not deny their burger was a knock off of Shake Shack's meat perfection.

Unfortunately, for South Florida Costco/Shake Shack lovers, the retailer is currently testing the new burger only in five California locations, but keep your hopes up!