Two Florida cities make list of top 10 cities for couples who love food

A Central Florida city grabbed the No. 1 spot for foodie couples

A dish by the Italian restaurant, Prato, in the city of Winter Park, Orlando, Florida. (Courtesy of Nicole Lopez-Alvar)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Whether you and your boo (i.e., significant other) call yourselves foodies, restaurant-lovers, food enthusiasts, or culinary explorers, we have great news: If you and your significant other are living in the Sunshine State, you’re currently living in one of the best states to have a delicious date night.

According to a new study by titled, “2021′s Best and Worst Foodie Cities for Couples,” Orlando has been named the No. 1 best foodie city for couples to visit in America. Orlando was given a “Foodie City Index Score” of 89.00 (out of a possible 100 points).

The dating website compared more than 150 U.S. cities across 13 key indicators of “foodie-city” friendliness. The data set focused on the categories of affordability, quality, diversity, and romance in each city.

So, what exactly makes Orlando such a great city for foodie couples to visit?

According to their findings, affordability makes it a top choice. The average meal for two in Orlando is around $50, the average price for a bottle of wine is $12, a beer is roughly $4, and a cappuccino is roughly $4.56.

However, Orlando isn’t the only Florida city to make the cut — coming in at No. 4 on their list is none other than Tampa, Florida. In Tampa, the average cost of a meal is $55, the average cost of a bottle of wine is $10, beer is $5, and a cappuccino is $4.02.

Below, check out the cities who made the top 10.

10 Best Foodie Cities for Couples to Visit in America

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Houston, Texas
  3. Savannah, Georgia
  4. Tampa, Florida
  5. New Orleans, Louisiana
  6. Austin, Texas
  7. Chicago, Illinois
  8. St. Louis, Missouri
  9. Atlanta, Georgia
  10. Tucson, Arizona

The dating website also ranked the worst cities for couples to dine in. To see their complete findings, or, to learn about their methodology, click here.