Billboard promotes condom usage to prevent Zika

Sign posted on I-95 near Wynwood transmission zone


MIAMI – With transmissions of Zika on the rise in South Florida, a new billboard soaring over a Miami highway is promoting safe sex as a way to stop the spread of the virus.

The billboard is located on I-95 near the Wynwood neighborhood which was the first area to be labeled as a Zika transmission zone.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation unveiled the billboard to encourage people to use condoms when having sexual contact.

A giant mosquito hovers over the billboard which shows two unfurled condoms with the words "Prevents Zika Transmission" and "Why Worry?"

“These billboards reiterate AHF’s commitment to educate the public about transmission methods of the Zika virus,” said AHF Southern Bureau Chief Michael Kahane. “Despite the local challenges we have faced in getting this important public health message out in Broward County, all of our residents need to know in no uncertain words that the Zika virus can be transmitted sexually and that condoms do in fact offer the best protection against sexual transmission of ZIka.”

While the Wynwood transmission zone has shrunk by almost half over the last few weeks, the City of Miami Beach is now home to a second zone where a non-travel case has been discovered.