Study: Obese men 'last' longer in bed

MELIKGAZI/KAYSERI, TURKEY – A fit body may not be the sign of a Casanova in the bedroom.

According to a new study, obese men last longer during sex than their more fit counterparts.

One minute and 30 seconds longer, to be exact.

The average duration for men during sexual intercourse is six minutes, but obese men lasted an average of seven minutes and 30 seconds.

According to the Daily Mail, the study by Erciyes University in Turkey reportedly shows a direct correlation between endurance and physical size.

The study claims the longer lovemaking sessions for obese men is due to a high presence of a female sex hormone in overweight Don Juans.

Estradiol reportedly inhibits the male organ.

In the study, patients with premature ejaculation were often thin, but that the rates of PE dropped when the men put on weight.