South Florida dispensary moves ahead with whole-flower cannabis sales

Trulieve not waiting on lawmakers to decide medical marijuana issue

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Medical marijuana in Florida remains in limbo since state lawmakers ended session without an agreement on a measure to carry out a voter-approved constitutional amendment legalizing it, but at least one South Florida dispensary isn't waiting for permission.

Trulieve is one of a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries in South Florida, all now stymied by lawmakers' failure to craft rules for the industry.

"They're just delaying the inevitable, really, and in the end, it's just hurting more people than it's protecting," a Trulieve customer told Local 10 News.

He uses a concentrated oil to keep a kidney disorder in remission.

Trulieve dispenses creams, oils and now, in the absence of a new law, added whole-flower cannabis.


Lawmakers adjourned late Monday night. By Tuesday morning, there was a new product on the shelf -- 3.5 grams of marijuana in bud form.

It's in the mesh pods to use in vaporizers and perfectly legal. But who's to stop patients at home from removing the bud inside to smoke it -- a use that is currently against the law?

Central Florida attorney John Morgan, who spearheaded the constitutional amendment, is asking Gov. Rick Scott to call the Florida Legislature back to Tallahassee for a special session.

Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran has said he would like a special session, but Senate President Joe Negron and Scott have been noncommittal on the issue.

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