South Korea to turn off computers to keep employees from working late

(Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images)

SEOUL – Imagine working in a country where the government wants you to work less and will turn off your computer just to make sure you go home.

It's a reality in South Korea as government employees will be forced to leave the office by 7 p.m. because the bosses will actually shut off the power to their computers.

According to The Mirror, government workers in South Korea work some of the longest hours in the world, up to an average of 2,739 hours a year.

The new "Get Out" program (that's not the official name) will be implemented over the next three months and start on March 30 with computers being switched off at 8 p.m.

After a few more phases, the shut off will occur at 7 p.m.

Incredibly enough, the report says over 67 percent of the employees asked to be exempt from the new rules.