'Stop the Bleed' movement teaches people how to prevent blood loss during emergency

Classes now open at Broward Health North, other South Florida hospitals

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – When it comes to medical emergencies, the first people who can help save lives are often just innocent bystanders. That's why there's a national movement getting lot of attention called "Stop the Bleed."

From a school right here in Parkland to a popular business in California to concert venues, a mass casualty emergency can happen anywhere without warning.

When it does, the victims can die from blood loss within five minutes.

"The most preventable death in trauma is hemorrhage," Dr. Igor Nichiporenko, of Broward Health North, said.

Nichiporenko said it's preventable because that rapid blood loss can be stopped even before emergency crews get to the scene.

That's the reason for the "Stop the Bleed" campaign.  

Trauma experts like Nichiporenko are going to schools, businesses and churches to teach bystanders how to be responders.

And special kits containing tourniquets, gloves, bandages and gauze are being placed in public areas where you also find lifesaving heart defibrillators.

"So, if we have people who know how to use the equipment we provide, or who can even use simple things like their clothing to stop bleeding, we can actually improve people’s survival," Nichiporenko said.

One of the "Stop the Bleed" lessons is how to pack a wound if it’s in the chest, abdomen or neck.

As for the arms and legs, "Put the tourniquet about two to three inches above the wound, then you tighten it (and) then do this to tighten it some more until the bleeding stops," Nichiporenko said as he demonstrated.

You can also use a belt or a piece of clothing to stop bleeding.

The "Stop the Bleed" class takes less than an hour.  

There will be classes at Broward Health North and other hospitals in South Florida, but experts can also come to your school, church or business.

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