Florida teen rushed to hospital after contact with venomous caterpillar

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LAND O' LAKES, Fla. – A Florida teen was rushed to the hospital after coming in contact with a venomous caterpillar, and now the boy's mother is warning other parents about the dangers that may lurk in backyards.

Logan Pergola was picking up tree branches outside his Land O' Lakes home Saturday when he brushed up against a caterpillar.

Logan's mother, Andrea, posted about what happened immediately afterwards on her Facebook page, saying her son quickly began to feel dizzy as his arm went numb along with the "worst pain he had ever felt."

After attempting to wash off his arm, Logan's parents decided to rush him to the emergency room when he began looking worse and was unsteady on his feet.

While he was being treated at the hospital, Logan began shaking as the venom spread through his body and the pain began "radiating from his wrist, up his arm & into his shoulder and chest."

Andrea said the hours after Logan received medication were "rough," but that her son began looking better about 3-4 hours after the initial caterpillar sting.

Research showed the Pergola's that the Southern Flannel Moth caterpillar that stung Logan is one of the most venomous in the U.S., with its puss being able to cause severe injuries to those who come into contact with one.

The Pergola's are now sharing their story in hopes that parents will keep a close eye on their children when they're outdoors.

"We are native Floridians. We are outside all the time, camping, outside, in the woods," Andrea told WFLA. "We had no idea this was out there. I would just hate for a small child to pick this up. Logan is healthy and weighs 100 pounds. I know this would hurt a small child even worse than my 15-year-old son."