'Hot' snacks dangerous, harmful for children, doctors say


AUSTIN, Texas – The popular snacks your children enjoy may actually be hazardous to their health.

Doctors are now warning parents to monitor their child's intake of spicy snacks, such as Flamin' Hot Cheetos, after a rise in the number of young patients with serious digestive issues.

KTBC reports doctors report children as young as 3-years-old are coming to emergency rooms with health complaints after eating the snacks.

According to the report, compaints range from burning of the mouth, chest pain and irritation to the esophagus or stomach. Thos symptoms can lead to conditions like gastritis or ulcers.

"At Frito-Lay, we aim to delight our consumers and food safety is always our number one priority." said a Frito-Lay spokesperson. "Flamin' Hot Cheetos meet all applicable food safety regulations, as well as our rigorous quality standards. That said, we realize some consumers may be more sensitive to spicy foods than others and may choose to moderate consumption or avoid spicier snacks due to personal preference."