Americans rank among most stressed people on the planet, poll shows

NEW YORK – Got to give it to us Americans; if we're going to be stressed out, we're going to give it our all and be among the most stressed people on Earth.

A new Gallup poll released Thursday shows Americans have practically reached new levels of stress, according to the New York Times.

In the poll, 55 percent of U.S. citizens said they experienced stress "a lot of the day," which is well above the 35 percent global average.

While Greece led the list of Most Stressed County with 59 percent feeling a lot of stress the day before they were polled, the only other nations ahead of the U.S. were the Philippines, Tanzania, Albania, Iran and Sri Lanka.

Gallup's investigation showed being under 50 and earning a low income, along with having a lesser view of President Trump's administration, were tied to the high stress numbers.

MOST STRESSED POPULATIONS IN THE U.S. (% experiencing stress a lot yesterday)

  • Greece (59%)
  • Philippines (58%)
  • Tanzania (57%)
  • Albania (55%)
  • Iran (55%)
  • Sri Lanka (55%
  • Uganda (53%)
  • Costa Rica (52%)
  • Rwanda (52%)
  • Turkey (52%)
  • Venezuela (52%)