Dip powder nail manicures may put customers in danger


CHICAGO – A popular nail technique that some call the "ultimate manicure" is raising concerns over sanitation risks.

Dip powder nails offer customers the opportunity to choose from a variety of colors and designs by simply dipping their fingers into a jar of powder.

The nails are then sealed with a bonding polish and filed down for a shiny coat, WLS reports.

But some salons are no longer offering dip powder manicures due to sanitary concerns over different people dipping their fingers into the same container.

"All it takes is for one person with something, like a fungus, to dip their hands in there and then everyone else after that may or may not be affected," said Christine La of T Nail Bar of Chicago.

Bacteria can survive in the powder for weeks, according to microbiologist Oscar Juarez. He said after numerous people dip their hands inside the powder jar on a daily basis, customers have no idea what's inside.

Those most at risk include people with diabetes, cancer or those who are pregnant.

"You can get a very serious infection out of this," said Juarez.

Juarez recommends customers who still desire a dip powder manicure to bring their own jar or have technicians sprinkle the powder on your nails instead of dipping them in the jar.

"People need to be aware of the risks that they're taking." said La.