Woman's eye 'bursts' after spending too much time on phone, doctors say

SHENZHEN, CHINA – Doctors say a woman was temporarily blinded after blood vessels burst in her eye following an all-night session of playing on her smartphone.

The unidentified Chinese woman was able to take herself to the hospital after realizing the next morning she could no longer see out of her left eye, AsiaWire reports.

“The following morning, as soon as she woke up, she picked up her phone and started using it again." said Dr. Qiu Wangjian. “About five minutes later, the patient discovered she was unable to see out her left eye. She couldn’t see anything."

Doctors found large patches of blood on her retina, which effectively blocked her vision. The ruptures were caused by physical exertion.

The woman has since regained the vision in her left eye after doctors created a small hole on her retina, allowing the blood to be removed.