5 simple ways you can support local businesses during coronavirus pandemic

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There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, and a good handful of states and cities have even closed bars and restaurants in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus.

Not only are small business owners worried about the future of their establishments, but the servers, bartenders, cooks and retail employees are also worried about how they will pay bills for the next few weeks.

While there isn’t a whole lot we can do as restrictions are put in place, there are a few measures we can take to support our favorite local businesses during these unsettling times.

1.) Carry-out and delivery is still an option for many restaurants and bars.

Many states are taking precautions by shutting down dine-in for restaurants, but getting a carry-out order or calling for delivery is still a great option, if it exists where you live. You don’t have to cook, and the restaurant is still making some money. So check to see if that’s a possibility at your favorite eatery.

2.) Buy gift cards from your favorite restaurant or boutique.

There will come a time in which small businesses will be open again, so why not purchase a gift card now, that you can use later? This is a fantastic way to make sure that your favorite restaurant or store is getting some income right now, when the business needs it the most.

Plus, it will feel like you’re having a free dinner when you use the gift card later down the road.

3.) Shop online.

We’re all pretty used to shopping online (Amazon Prime Day is basically a holiday at this point), so one way you can support a local business is shopping from your computer or cellphone.

Not all boutiques or retail stores may have the option to offer online shopping, but if they do, it’s a great way to support a small business and practice social distancing.

4.) Buy local produce.

The super grocery stores and markets are doing a great job keeping up with the high demand, but try grocery shopping at a local market to help support those workers. Farmers markets are already great at providing the freshest produce to the community, but during these trying times, they will need our support more than ever.

If they’re open, swing by!

5.) Consider a donation.

Not everyone is able to do this, but if your income won’t be affected by the coronavirus pandemic, consider a donation to a local business that could need it. It doesn’t matter if it’s writing a check or even cooking a meal for the employees, any sort of assistance could mean the world to someone who isn’t sure how they are going to pay their bills next month.

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