FAU researchers investigate if ring can receive early detection of coronavirus

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt College of Medicine are using a three-pronged approach to help predict COVID-19 infection in healthcare workers on the front line.

At the center of the global study called Tem-Predict is a ring, similar to a wedding band, which uses smart technology to track heart rate, temperature, movement and sleep.

Combined with a daily survey, researchers hope the results will alert healthcare workers early in the infection process so they can self-isolate.

Also in COVID-related news, the mandate to wear masks is causing an irritating problem for many-foggy glasses.

Dr. Stephanie Davis with the Eye Center in Pembroke Pines said a simple way to keep your eye glasses from fogging up as breath escapes from your mask is to wash them in baby shampoo.

“What happens with that is there’s surface tension from molecules that spread out onto the actual lens and these molecules create a transparent layer, so therefore, the glasses will be much clearer when the mask is worn,” she said.

Some other simple fixes include inserting a piece of tissue at the inside top of the mask to absorb the moisture from your breath and using a mask that fits higher up and tight at the bridge of the nose.

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