UM study offers way to determine need for statin therapy

MIAMI – While statin drugs have been shown to lower cholesterol and cardiovascular risk, many people are hesitant about taking medications.

A recently published study by researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found that a test called a calcium score needs to be lured more often in those at borderline or immediate risk of disease. 

In someone with a calcium score of zero, the benefit of statins could be very low and not worth the expense or potential adverse effects of treatment.

Also in today’s health news, eye doctors are seeing increasing numbers of patients complaining of itchy, red eyes.

While some blame the recent Sahara dust cloud that made it to the U.S., Dr. Stephanie Davis with the Eye Center Of Pembroke Pines said the key cause this time of year is seasonal allergies.

“And the seasonal allergies are the ones where you want to find out, because if there’s a high pollen count during spring, summer and fall, you want to refrain from staying outdoors too much,” Davis said.

Over the counter eye drops can help with mild cases, but more severe cases that go beyond allergies and involve a viral infection may require a prescription medication.

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