Simple kit helps police locate missing people

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation, six in 10 people with dementia are reported missing after wandering off, and finding them quickly is the key to saving lives.

That’s why the Memory Disorder Center at Broward Health North is now providing patients and caregivers “scent preservation kits” to help police K9s track down people who’ve gone missing.

“It is a very handy kit with a jar and some cotton gauze and gloves, different things we can use to obtain a scent and store that scent for up to 10 years,” said Dr. Thomas Crum, a neuropsychologist with Broward Health North.

The kits can be used for anyone at any age and provide a more reliable individual scent than an article of clothing, which could be contaminated with other odors.

Also in today’s health news, the American Lung Association found that certain foods can exacerbate asthma.

Foods containing sulfites, a preservative used in food and alcohol, as well as bottled lemon and lime juice and dried fruits can worsen asthma symptoms

In addition, salicylates, which are compounds found in tea, coffee, spicy foods and aspirin can also lead to flare-ups.

On the plus side, studies have shown that foods rich in vitamin D and antioxidants may improve lung function and help control the symptoms of asthma.

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