Some infected with COVID-19 face long-lasting effects

Long haulers syndrome can affect those with mild or serious symptoms

AVENTURA, Fla. – While the symptoms of the novel coronavirus typically pass within a couple of weeks, some people experience long-term effects, even after testing negative for the virus.

When Michael Jaar became infected with COVID-19 in late March, he went through the usual flu-like symptoms for several days.

But even after testing negative for the virus, he started having pain and swelling in his joints and went to see a specialist.

“He decided to test the fluid they were extracting from my joints and decided to test it for COVID antibodies and the results came back positive,” Jaar said.

“For me that was ‘Wow!’ this condition can affect so many things,” said Rheumatologist Dr. Norman Gaylis.

In essence, Jaar is what’s known as a COVID “long hauler.”

It’s a term referring to people who, even after getting over the acute symptoms of the virus, continue to suffer long term effects that are extremely debilitating.

Gaylis said the condition is estimated to affect more than 10% of COVID-19 patients.

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