Can you ‘double up’ with different COVID-19 vaccines?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – While France’s Health Authority is now supporting the mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccines for people under the age of 55, medical experts in the United States are addressing an emerging question: could doubling up on vaccines boost the body’s ability to fight the virus?

“I don’t know that science would support adding another dose of another vaccine, and I think that with the supply we have it’s more important to vaccinate as many people as we can with one vaccine rather than doubling up on vaccines,” said Dr. Joshua Lenchus of Broward Health Medical Center.

Health experts say “doubling up” could also be potentially dangerous since the vaccines have not be developed for additional doses.

In the battle against variants of the virus, pharmaceutical companies are already crafting booster shots for the current vaccines on the market.

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