Increased fiber intake may help fight melanoma

New study suggests increasing fiber supplementation may help fight melanoma

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Fiber isn’t just good for your gut health, it may also protect you against melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

“This study suggests that as we increase fiber supplementation we improve the immune system’s ability to fight certain forms of disease, said Dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Fromowitz.

He said the study found that the immune response to melanoma was amplified by fiber supplementation.

A separate recent study published in the Journal Science found that patients already diagnosed with melanoma who ate a high fiber diet, had better responses to immunotherapy treatments.

And a study published by Jama Open Network found that nearly all young children have traces of nicotine on their hands, even those living in non-smoking households.

Researchers say this highlights the impact of what is called ‘third hand smoke’, which refers to the residue left behind on surfaces, toys and clothing by someone who vapes or smokes.

Exposure to nicotine and other chemicals found in tobacco products through third hand smoke can increase the risk for cancer in childhood.

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Veteran journalist Kathleen Corso is the special projects producer for Local 10 News.