Popular activities leading to injury

MIAMI – Experts are cautioning that some popular activities are leading to, in some cases, serious injuries.

With nearly five million players nationwide, pickle ball is one of the fastest growing activities in the U.S.

While it’s an easy game to master, it’s not without risk.

“With pickle ball, it’s a highly dynamic sport there’s a lot of cutting pivoting lateral motion back peddling and doing that predisposes you to injuries, particularly in the lower extremities but with the swinging in racquet sports also injuries in the upper extremities as well,” said Dr. Kevin O’Donnell, an orthopedic surgeon with HCA Florida Mercy Hospital.

O’Donnell said he’s also seeing an increase in injuries from people using e-scooters.

“I actually see in my clinic usually about one to two new patients coming in every week with some sort of fracture related to an e-scooter unfortunately,” he said.

O’Donnell said people often forget that an e-scooter can travel at 25 miles per hour, and a sudden stop often results in a trip to the E.R.

And a new study shows how skipping exercise can impact a person’s brain.

Researchers at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health and Health used information from nearly 45-hundred people.

They said participants averaged about 51 minutes a day of moderate to intense exercise and got about eight hours of sleep.

Those who skipped exercise for eight minutes of sedentary behavior saw a one to two-percent drop in cognition scores.

Those who replaced sitting down with nine minutes of exercise saw an average of one-percent increase in cognition.

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