Could green LED lights be cure for migraine pain?

By Jeff Tavss - Executive Producer

LOS ANGELES - Lights are usually a no-no when it comes to migraine sufferers, but they may soon come as a relief.

KABC reports a new study shows green LED lights helped relieve migraine pain by up to 50 percent.

Doctors Mohab Ibrahim and Rajesh Khanna of the University of Arizona performed the study, testing green LED lights and white LED lights.

Those with chronic migraines were used in the study and split into green and white light groups.

Over a 10-week period, participants were asked to stare at their specific color LED lights for up to two hours a day.

Those in the green LED light group claimed their pain dropped 40 to 50 percent.  The participants in the green group were so pleased, they actually refused to return their lights.

One patient has stopped using her medication and uses the lights for 15 minutes, three times a week.

Despite the success, the doctors still don't know the connection between the lights and migrane pain relief, but they're happy that it works.

"Regardless of the mechanism, the outcome is what really matters," Ibrahim told the station. "People are both feeling better and their pain is getting better."

Ibrahim and Khanna are now hoping to get grants from the Department of Defense and the National Institute of Health to continue their study.



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