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With just a few clicks, you can send a free valentine to a child in the hospital

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Want to do a nice thing today?

Want to make a child smile? Perhaps a child who's sick, and might not even get the chance to swap Valentine's Day cards with fellow classmates, as Feb. 14 draws nearer?

There are a number of hospitals across the country that will let you send valentines to its patients. The process is free, all done online, and it only takes about a minute of your time.

Here are some hospitals who are participating this year, and instructions on how to send an e-card:

Texas Children's Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your card, sign your name and send!

Bonus: For every card sent, Direct Energy will give $1.

C.S. Mott Children's Hospital (University of Michigan Health)

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Select a valentine, fill out the required information and hit submit.

Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital (Texas)

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Fill out your information, select from four card options, personalize your wish in the "Message" section and submit.

Cincinnati Children's Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Fill out your information.

3.) Pick your e-card and send.

*Apparently, we're not the only ones spreading this nice idea. The website includes the following message: "Due to an increase in visitors, some users may not receive a confirmation message when sending their valentine. Your message is still getting to us and will be included. We appreciate all you are doing to brighten the day for our patients!"

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Click "create a card."

3.) Select your card, your message, fill out your information and hit send.

Children's Hospital of Los Angeles

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your valentine, add a note and send.

Bonus: The website says that for each card sent, Party City has pledged to donate $1 to the hospital, up to $25,000. Hospital officials also include an important note, that's probably smart to keep in mind when you're filling out any of these: "Please focus on the spirit of Valentine's Day rather than 'get well' wishes, to help keep the celebration upbeat and positive for the kids."

Arkansas Children's Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your card, your message and hit send.

*Arkansas Children's Hospital is also accepting new art supplies for patients to create their own valentines. The wish list includes: watercolor paint, markers, crayons, paint brushes, rhinestones, sequins, foam stickers, googly eyes, kid scissors, glue dots and lots more, according to the website. To protect patients from infections, all art supplies donated must be new and in original packaging. To learn more or to donate, click or tap here.

Children's National Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Select your valentine, sign your name and your message is off! The children of Washington, D.C. thank you.

The process typically looks something like this (shown above is a screenshot from Boston Children's Hospital).

Boston Children's Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Pick an animal-themed card, leave your info and hit send.

Children's Health (Dallas)

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your card, personalize your message, sign your card and it's done!

Phoenix Children's

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your message, fill out your information and the valentine is on its way.

Every hospital pointed out the following, just as something to keep in mind: Due to volume, please note that they cannot deliver specific cards to specific patients.

And just a note as well, it might sound harsh to say, "omit your well-wishes," as we said above, but consider that we have no way of knowing each child's circumstance or reason for being in the hospital. What might be intended as a well-wish might not be received well for a terminally ill patient or his or her family. You might want to watch religious references, as well, one hospital suggested.

Also, for patients’ safety, most hospitals can only accept digital messages; no physical or handmade cards can be distributed.

Otherwise, do your good deed for the day and get to sending! You're sure to brighten up someone's day.

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