Religions contemplate end of the world

Faith & Family: Turmoil in Middle East predicts climatic event, says professor

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – The recent turmoil in the Middle East has some people asking: "Is the end of times near?" 

Many religions say current events point to a possible end of the world. Barry Eutsey, a devote Jehovah Witness, told Local 10's Constance Jones that he's ready.

"There are many things we see lining up with prophesy that says we are in the last days," said Eutsey.

Known for going door to door, Jehovah Witnesses are passionate about getting people prepared.

"It's not that God wants everyone to lose their life. He is the creator and he really wants everyone to gain life everlasting, and what we're busy doing is spreading the word," said Eutsey.

Florida Memorial University Assistant Professor of Religion and Philosophy Dr. Nathaniel Holmes says no matter what you believe, most religions have some sort of teaching about the last days.

"At no other time of history have people been more aware of what is happening there (in the Middle East), and, of course, more players of the world, in terms of nations, the United States, Russia, China, all thse other superpowers there that all have stakes in this one little stake of land," said Holmes. 

Many faiths point to the current events in the Middle East as a sign of the times. But the perspective of the end isn't what most think.

"The end of the age as we know it means an ushering in where peace and justice rule," said Holmes.

As for Barry Eutsey, he says there is no fear, just a hope for the future.

"The only thing that will end is the problems that corrupted human kind those things will be done away with. I am looking forward to it," said Eutsey.