Students learn from Holocaust survivors

Students at Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center meet with Holocaust survivors

AVENTURA, Fla. – Students at the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center meet with Holocaust survivors once a month to learn about their past.

At a recent meeting, Victor Cynamon, who was separated from his family at 15 years old, spoke in detail about how he managed to escape death more than half a dozen times.

"It has to be remembered, and we have a lot to learn and hopefully it will not be repeated," said Cynamon. "I survived five labor camps, one death camp."

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Victor's will to live was fueled by his father, who told him to tell the story about what the Nazis did to the Jewish people. He built a Holocaust Memorial in Aventura, and then spent his free time telling his story, especially to young people.

"The kids want to learn more than their parents," said Cynamon.

Bar Mitzvah student Daniel Rub heard Cynamon's story over the weekend at a Holocaust Education Luncheon for children.  

"You picture what he went through in your mind and you picture his fear, but you also picture his strength," said Rub. "His story is so vivid he doesn't hold back at all. He gives you the whole story."

As part of their bar mitzvah training, students meet with Holocaust survivors several times. The goal is to keeping the history alive so that it doesn't happen again.

For Cynamon, it's all about keeping his promise to his father. He said he will continue to share his message.

Right now, Cynamon is working with the University of Miami, where he meets with students weekly.