School turns away girl who shaved head in solidarity with cancer-stricken friend

Will common sense prevail in case of 'insensitive' school dress-code policy?

On Monday, after being turned away from school, Kamry Renfro poses for a picture with her friend Delaney Clemets who is undergoing treatment for cancer in Colorado. (FAMILY PHOTO)

GRAND JUNCTION, Col. – On Facebook, Nate Renfron posted he graduated from The University of Common Sense in 2012. But his degree did not help his nine-year-old daughter Monday when she faced what thousands of social media users categorized as an "insensitive" rule.

In an act of solidarity, third-grader Kamryn Renfro, of Grand Junction, Colorado, shaved her head Friday. Her friend Delaney Clemets, 11, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2010 and is undergoing chemotherapy at the Children's Hospital in Colorado.

On Monday, Caprock Academy administrators did not allow Kamryn to stay in school claiming her shaved head was in violation of the charter schools' dress code policy.

The Renfro family is pushing the school to change their policy to allow shaved heads. And their effort has gained national attention.

On Tuesday morning, Kamryn courageously  returned to school with her head shaved.

"She got up, got ready, and held her head high as she walked into her classroom this morning," Kamryn's mom Jamie Renfro  posted on Facebook. "To say her dad and I are proud, is a total understatement."

School officials are set to meet Tuesday afternoon.

"Now that we have seen just how much 2 little girls can change the world and touch so many hearts, we are asking for all of this attention to embrace awareness of childhood cancer," Kamryn's mom posted on Facebook.  

Kamryn is not alone in her love for her friend Delaney, and the social media world is watching.