Stay safe on the beach

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Going to the beach is a fun summer outing. However, swimming in a lake or the ocean requires some different safety guidelines than swimming in a pool.

Check out these tips from the American Red Cross to stay safe while enjoying the beach.

  • Never swim alone. Make sure there is someone with you in case you run into trouble.
  • Don't swim out too far. While you might have enough energy to swim out far, remember that you also need to swim back to shore. Unlike a pool, there is no wall to grab onto if you need to take a rest.
  • Children and inexperienced swimmers should wear life jackets.
  • Be aware of the tide so you don't get carried out too far by the waves.
  • Don't dive in. It's difficult to see the bottom and to judge how deep the water is.
  • Be aware of aquatic life, including plants. Your feet can get tangled in the plants. If you see fish or other sea animals try to avoid them and don't disturb them.