Tips for bicycle safety


One of the many wonderful things about summer are beautiful days to be filled with bike riding. Follow these tips and keep your kids safe while you bike.

Always wear a helmet

It will protect your child from serious injury and, in a lot of states, is the law for children under a certain age. Even if the trip is just down the street or a quick spin around the block, protective measures should be taken. Many injuries occur in places that are thought to be safe such as driveways, sidewalks and bike paths, and not just in the open street.

Set a good example

Children learn by example so if they see you are not wearing a helmet, they will think they won't need to as well. Getting in the habit of always putting yours on will lead them into following the same practice.

Wear the helmet properly

An ill-fitting helmet is almost as bad as no helmet all. The helmet should be worn so it is level on the head and covers the forehead. You should be able to fit 2 fingers between the strap and chin but no more or less. The helmet should be able to move with your skin when moved from side to side so it should be snug, but not too tight.

Let them progress at their own pace

Wait until your child is comfortable on a 2-wheeled bike on their own before removing training wheels. Pushing them to something they aren't ready for can cause injuries or fear. Take into consideration their coordination and balance and how much they want to learn. If they are content with training wheels for a bit longer, the rides will be just as enjoyable.

Buy a bike that fits

While birthday surprises are always fun, taking your child with you when you purchase the bike is a better way to go. This way, you can get a bike that fits your child. Also, buy a bike that fits your child now, not one they can "grow into." A bike that is too large can be especially dangerous.