Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi takes 'Pokemon Go' on the water

'Pokemon Go' cruise sets sail at 6 p.m. Wednesday

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The "Pokemon Go" craze is taking over parks and other public spaces across the U.S., and now gamers in South Florida are taking their search to the water.

"There is a different Pokemon associated with a different area, so water Pokemon are going to hang out at water spots," said Sarah Jasper, from Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi.  

The folks who work on the water taxi learned that you can catch some characters while out on the water, so they decided to host an event to help gamers find Pokemon.

"Being on the water taxi, you are on the water the whole time, you can pick them up along the way," Jasper said. "They are attracted to water. We found that correlation when we were playing the game."

After seeing so many people play on the water taxi, the company decided to jump in on the action.

"We have lots of people playing and pointing and (having) discussions," Jasper said. "We have a number of crew people who are into it, so they are very interactive with the whole Pokemon scene."

In fact, some Pokemon can only be found out on the water.

"And at almost every stop, there was a PokeStop, so it's very easy to get them. You don't even need to leave the boat if you didn't want to. Tons of Pokemon popped up as well, so it's very cool to see how close they are," Jasper said.  

The "Pokemon Go" cruise will be held Wednesday night. Boarding begins at 6 p.m. at the Briny Irish Pub Riverfront, and the event ends at 8:30 p.m.

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