American Museum of Cuban Diaspora prepares to open its doors

Opening exhibition features work by Cuban exile Luis Cruz Azaceta

MIAMI – A museum that honors Cuban-American culture will soon be opening its doors.

"There was a need to tell a story -- a story that is often not told," American Museum of Cuban Diaspora director Ileana Fuentes said.

The opening exhibition is called "Dictators, terrorism, war and exiles," and features work by renowned Cuban exile artist, Luis Cruz Azaceta.

"This particular exhibition speaks of not Cuban issues, the Cuban drama, it speaks of the human conditions," Fuentes said.

The works are supposed to show how the world is in desperate need of healing and reconciliation. 

The museum, once called the Cuban Museum, changed its name, but continues to showcase history, culture and contributions of the Cuban diaspora through arts and humanities. 

"This is to affirm that Cuban artists and creators of the diaspora exist, are real, are famous, are good and they are telling story, a story of their people," Fuentes said.

It's a story she said is about accomplishment, victory and survival. 

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