You always have a seat with SitGo

Portable seat that pops up in seconds


MIAMI, Fla. – Going to concerts and especially music festivals as we head into the spring and summer, you spend a lot of time standing.  At amphitheaters or other outdoor venues, there aren't always enough seats for everybody.

hat's where the SitGo can be a lifesaver. 

The SitGo isn't much bigger than a water bottle, but it telescopes out to provide a sturdy seat for just about any size.

 You can adjust the height of the leg to make it as tall or as short as you want; allowing you to take as much weight off your feet as you need.  The SitGo can support up to 300 pounds. 

The SitGo has a simple design and a 4-step instruction sticker on the inside so you'll know how to put it together the minute you open it up.  

It only takes a few seconds to twist the leg into locked position and you're ready to take a load off!  The SitGo doesn't require much room to set up and you can use it wherever you need a break, inside or out.

Take a look at this video demonstrating how easy the SitGo is to set up.

Depending on how long you are using the SitGo, you can get a nice core workout; since there's no back to rest against, you are constantly using your abs and back muscles to stay balanced and upright.   But it's not uncomfortable.. just a bit of a hidden health bonus!

With the lightweight and compact design, it's easy to take the SitGo with you wherever you go!  It fits easily into a backpack or purse, and it even comes with a carabiner attached so you can just clip it to your hip!

 Once you've had your fill of sitting, it only takes a couple of seconds to lock it up, lock it on and you're ready to go to the next show!  

The SitGo sells for $39.95 and you can find it by clicking here.


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