South Florida man's habitual Instagram pranks not funny to police

Taking tray of $38 doughnuts lands John Hill in jail


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – With one leap, John Hill went over a Dunkin' Donuts counter and pointed at the cashier.

"Thanks for the doughnuts," he said while reaching for a tray of pink sprinkled doughnuts before walking out without paying.

The whole thing was recorded and then posted to Instagram. The video went viral, reaching more than 2 million views.

Hill, who is also known as "boonk.ig" on Instagram, is infamously known for pulling stunts like standing on counters in restaurants and running off with what appears to be stolen items.

But the May 13 incident was the first time Hill was arrested on petit theft and burglary charges after he allegedly took a $38 tray of doughnuts from the Miami Gardens Dunkin' Donuts. The stunt landed him in jail.

During Hill's bond court hearing May 24, his public defender claimed that taking the doughnuts was a joke and they were returned.

Law enforcement officials do not find these kinds of jokes funny.

"We do not encourage anyone to engage in this type of activity in order to gain notoriety," Lauderhill police Maj. William Gordon said.

Hill posted another video that went viral of himself trying on shoes at a store in the Lauderhill Mall and then running off with the unpurchased shoes.

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Despite being placed on a 60-day probation, Hill continued posting his grab-and-dash-style videos.

Since his arrest, Hill posted a video on Instagram attempting to purchase a pair of "Beats by Dre" headphones at Walmart.

In the video, he appeared to be at the cash register with the headphones, then grabbed them and ran out the store. In another video, he steals food from people eating out.

Hill celebrated reaching 1 million followers by jumping on a Chick-fil-A counter and pouring two strawberry milkshakes on himself. He also decided to take off his clothes and slide on the ground.

Every single one of these videos has been viewed more than 1 million times on Instagram.