Your Facebook account is NOT being cloned, it's all a hoax


MIAMI – You may have spent all weekend worried that your Facebook account had been hacked. Don't worry, that concern was all for nothing.

The massive social hoax started when you, or someone you know, received a message from a Facebook friend saying they've received a friend request from you, WXYZ reports.

Users were then directed to forward the message to all their friends. Essentially, the message is warning that your Facebook account has been cloned.


When accounts are cloned, hackers are able to steal photos and personal information by creating a second Facebook profile and pretending they're the original user. The person who created the alternate account sends out the message above, hoping to get your friends to accept your request in order to obtain their information.

However, Facebook says these messages are all fake. They're a hoax. Do not believe or fall for them.

Simply delete the message and whatever you do, do NOT forward it to friends.